• Where can I find out about the releases?
    You can follow my Instagram page, I post there most often.

  • Will you build me a custom putter like ______?
    The short answer is no. My business model is to make my own models of putters & accessories in small batches for the foreseeable future. Within those batches, the necks (face-balanced vs some toe hang), length, and grip type of the putters will be customizable. I have seen too many small golf businesses fail over the last few years due to a number of factors. Rather the wait list is a year or the company keeps your deposit and ghosts you, I won’t be doing that.

  • You’re really expecting me to pay that much for a putter? Scotty’s are like $400!
    Without going into a very long diatribe about why my putters cost more than Scotty Camerons, the main issue is scale. You don’t have to have a MBA to understand that you get metal stock & supplies at lower prices the higher quantity you purchase; not to mention Scotty Cameron subs all of his machining out to large shops (which drives the price per unit down). While there will be 100’s of thousands of Scottys sold this year, there will be less than 50 of Ark Builder putters sold. While it is awesome to have teams around you to assist in designing & making products, I'm just a one-man-band. That doesn’t mean that my products won’t have the same quality of design & engineering, there just won't be as many for me to sell.

  • Are you going to make a blade style putter?
    I certainly am. The blade model will be released at a later date. My plan is to stick with mallets for the current time.